Turnkey website with your own hands

It's just as simple as registering an electronic mailbox or making an order in an online shop.
The whole website building process consists of 3 simple steps, and you need only 1 of them to proceed.

Submit a request

Purchase hosting

This stage is the most important one! All the other you can leave out and entrust to our specialists who would do the job for free as a part of the technical support, but paying for the server that will host your website is something you must do.

Once you fill in and send your data as part of your request to purchase the server you'll start receiving automatic notifications about the renewal of your payment so that you are able to renew your license without our assistance. This will make things more simple for you and for us, as well as help us both save time and money. You won't have to pay for a dedicated person who'll renew the lease on the server on your behalf and take money for that. You'll do this step yourself, in a much cheaper and safer way.

To start with, use this link to register: https://bill.wazzup.su/billmgr?func=register&lang=ru. This process is really simple, a true child's play. Besides, you are surely used to all sorts of online registration by now.

After that, a message with the activation link will be sent to the email you've specified. That's a familiar procedure as well, isn't it?

Next let's go to Virtual Servers and click on the icon "Order", like the pcture shows. After that you'll have to choose between 3 Bitrix servers: "VDS-KVM-SSD-Bitrix-2018", "VDS-KVM-NVMe-Bitrix-2018" или "VDS-KVM-SSD-Bitrix-Plus". The cheapest of them is "VDS-KVM-SSD-Bitrix-2018", it costs $20 per month and $5 for the installation (a one-time payment). You can easily start there. If you have to change the plan, it'll also be easy without any loss in website uptime.

In the "Domain Name" section, provide the desired name of your domain. In the section "Pre-installed Software" select "Bitrix Env", press the button "Recycle Bin". Then go to "Purchase" where you can use any convenient way of payment.

Then you'll need to register the domain in the "Domains" section.

Installation of the system is also quite simple, just like all the other necessary procedures you'll learn about in future on your way to building a website.

Basically, ordering and registering a virtual server to be able to renew the service on time and on your own is your main task. Any other job can be handled on our part as part of our "Support" service. To do that you'll need to contact our specialists via a feedback form, email [email protected], Skype konstruktor_saitov or a request system in the "Support" section of your billing.

Write to us

Write to us and we'll answer any questions you might have.