Bitrix24 CRM!

3 plans for Bitrix24 cloud service
6 editions of the box version

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Cloud service Bitrix24

4 plans of Bitrix24 cloud service

Project, Project+, Team, Company

You don't have to install or set up anything. As soon as you register, you can start working with your corporate portal.



A cloud service for the company of up to 24 employees. Includes extra options and instruments. 23$/month.
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Business users: 24
  • Cloud storage capacity: 24 Gb

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A cloud service for a company with an unlimited number of employees that actively work with a large number of documents. 110$/month.
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Business users: 50
  • Cloud storage capacity: 100 Gb

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A cloud service for a large company that allows for automation of the inner business process. 230$/month
  • Users: Unlimited
  • Business users: Unlimited
  • Cloud storage capacity: Unlimited
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New plan CRM+

All the possibilities of CRM for 6 employees.
Sell more and automate the sales!

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60$. в месяц

Cloud Service Bitrix24

Editions of the box version of 1С-Bitrix24

6 editions of the box version of the product:
CRM, Corporate portal (4 editions) and Enterprise

The box version of the service, 1С-Bitrix24, is a software that can be installed on a server inside the company or use a hosting for individual setup of business logics, interface and integration with 1С:ЗУП (1С: Salary and Staff Management).


for Sales department
Image Description
Possibilities of the CRM service Bitrix24 out of the box. The most popular functions and nothing excessive - CRM, VoIP, Open lines, Tasks and projects, Live feed, Calendars, Drive. 1100 Rub.
  • Users: 12
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Corporate portal

4 editions
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Improve the interface and the business logics, integrate the portal with 1С: ЗУП, manage user and group data, synchronize with the corporate ActiveDirectory, connect the connectors. Starting with 2300$.
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A full box version
A corporate portal for companies with several offices or companies united in holdings. Coordinate the work of all your offices, work with the shared portal. 12000$.
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You can  switch   to the box version

At the switching, all data from Bitrix24 cloud service get transferred to the box version of 1С-itrix24 without any loss. In addition to cloud service features, with the box version you can automate business workflows of the company, integrate the corporate portal with 1С and do much more.