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3 in 1 (Hosting + Bitrix + Programming Team)

Aren't you tired of the constant fuss and mess, when developers are at a loss and talk of corrections made by programmers, the programmers blame hosting, and the hosters point to the developers?

And the website meanwhile is half unusable, and the money paid is lost. Well, you won't find any of that in our company!

Here, you'll find it all: Hosting, CMS support, a qualified progrmming team that's prepared to handle any tasks with high quality and within the shortest time possible.

When you order a Bitrix based website, you get much more than a CMS; you'll also have a strong support from Bitrix developers. The robust support of our datacenter is there to promptly set up a server for your website. The smart programming team can help with solving any tasks, even the most non-standard ones.

Create your 1С-Bitrix website at a fair price, starting with 23$!

Bitrix CMS consists of 2 product lines: 1С-Bitrix and Bitrix24 CRM.

1C-Bitrix is an extensive all-purpose CMS that allows for the creation of mutipurpose websites, starting with business card website and up to a fully funcitonal online shop. Bitrix24 is a fully-featured CRM that was developed for business organization and primarily for management and logistics. It also allows to create websites, although they don't have as many features as 1С-Bitrix websites have.

Among other things, the two Bitrix product lines can connect, which, for example, allows to organize clients attraction via Bitrix24 and to make sales through 1C-Bitrix in the online shop.

When you pay for a Bitrix server and a license for this CMS, we are set to provide the basic work at no charge at all, including installation and setup of the system, placement of a ready template, creation of the necessary structure as well as minor corrections for the website, such as logo replacement, creating a menu that fits your desires, placement of contact details, and many other services.

All you have to do is fill the website with content and enjoy the result.

We are ready to provide the basic setup as well as minor adjustments at no charge at all, including creation of a menu that fits your desires. After all, we are getting another loyal customer, which is very rewarding for us.

Website support and hosting are usually built on

3 simple questions.

  • 1) Where will the site files be, and who will be responsible for the security of the server that hosts these files?
  • 2) What CMS will the website use?
  • 3) Who will apply adjustments and corrections, including functional change and design? Usually web studios handle these questions, but don't think too much of them. You'll see why as we go through the process of building a website with you.

3 Fundamental Steps In Building A Website

Where are website files and its database hosted?

Website files and database are hosted on special hosting servers that are basically large computers selected and built specifically to host data accessible through network.

It's quite clear that such workstation demand a qualified care, so the usual type of system administrators that you can meet even in small offices isn't enough; they should be experienced and reliable, with years of experience, a good education and knowledge behind their belt. Such system administrators receive the salary of about 1000$. And you can count dozens of such administrators at a data center.

What CMS will the website use?

Here is, perhaps, the most important and tricky question.

Let's look behind the scenes of a CMS.

CMS is a special program that helps to organize the whole process and alghorytm of displaying content and other data on your website. It actually is your site. Creating a small CMS with a limited number of functions that would be used to build a couple of webpages, for example a business card website, would take about a month. But CMS like this aren't very popular and have a very limited functionality.

What allows us to differentiate CMS is its multipurposeness and ability to handle many different tasks. And here many developers as well as web studios prefer to use free CMS. The most popular of those are Joomla and WordPress. But who is their creator? For the most part they are created by aspiring developers who often abandon their creation, and as a result their CMS is available on the Internet where they can be further developed by other newbies, causing a lot of redundant code in the process leading to unresponsive system and security holes through which hackers can gain access to websites and bring them down.

And that's not all of it. The functionality of these CMS is severely limited, and it can be expanded via modules and plugins that are likewise made by unknown laymen.

And in the end no one is responsible for the end result. To create a serious, reliable professional CMS you need a huge team of qualified programmers. And here is the point where Bitrix comes to rescue.

Bitrix is exactly the organization that managed to incorporate an unbelievably wide array of features that will allow you to build a good, high quality website. The average cost of a license to this CMS is from 100$ to 1000$ depending on your requirements. So the price of a full-fledged e-commerce site doesn't exceed 500$.

Who will apply adjustments and corrections, including the functional change and the design of the website?

And here begins the interesting part. Let's take a look at websites and what they consist of.

  • Дизайн. If you want to have a unique design, it won't come cheap. An average salary of a designer is around 500$. And this considering that an average designer can make no more than 2-3 websites design, the volume and the number of pages and corrections considered; perhaps less than that. So you'll have to pay around 200-300$ for the design of one website.
  • Make-up. Yes, it doesn't amount to design alone. This design should be made up and processed by CMS. Layout designer's salary is not lower than that of a programmer, and amounts to the sum of around 1000$. If your website isn't too large, you can make it with 500$.
  • Functionality. And here comes the really interesting part. What if your CMS, no matter how multifunctional, lack some of the required features? You'll have to engage a programmer. And we've already previously established the cost of that.

Let's draw conclusions!

You need a professional who'll monitor the workability of your servers with 1000$ salary.

The CMS is, on the average,500$

The designer, will cost you about 200$

The layout designer who will make layouts for the pages of your website would cost you 500$ .

And then there is the programmer, who'll deal with the necessary corrections to the CMS.

With all this your website will cost you 1500$. Add the slary of managers, bookkeepers, administrators and webstudio directors, and you can easily double this sum.

So how can internet agencies make websites on a much lower budget?

Why, that's very simple. They rent cheap hosting systems (we've described their drawbacks previously), take some free CMS, hire development newbies, usually so called freelancers who fulfill the task at a very low payment rate, and do that in quite a slipshoddy, crude way. As far as the design and the layout go, they don't make them from scratch but rather take some ready solutions or construction sets, changing 2-3 pages to fit the style and business area of your company.

You might be surprised but the majority of web studios have neither programmers nor layout designers. And whatever goes on in the depth of coding is far beyond their depth. And the very moment something breaks, your website might be running a risk of never returning to its previous working condition. Best case scenario, it'll be restored from some ancient long forgotten backup image with outdated, and for a significant part lost, content.

In the end you can only hope your website won't attract anyone, will have low visibility, low traffic ranking, and low cost-effectiveness. And that's how such web studios roll.

So what do We offer?

We offer you to forego any unnecessary expenditures, workers, and instability, and take ownership of the process.

Creation of websites as practiced by most web studios is a couple-of-clicks work that's done within one workday.

You should remember that the situations are actually not all that rare when one web studio places an order for another web studio that then hires temps (freelancers) And with each new party the price rises and the quality falls.

You can purchase our hosting services, acquire a license for the most reliable, features-rich and high quality Content Management System, and we'll install it for you within a day, actually for free, on basis of ready layouts, and fix up the structure, logos and other small adjustments, all to fit your organizations style and profile. And you can have any necessary corrections and extra functionality added by our high qualified programming team for an affordable extra payment.

You can be sure that the website will function with a flawless stability due to having a robust technical support by Bitrix, our hosting and knowledge and skills of our programmers and layout designers.

So, are you ready? Then let's move to the next stage.


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