Create a website from 23$!

A complete turnkey website from scratch, layout design, hosting.
We'll do it all for you!

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3 in 1 (Hosting + Bitrix + Programming Team)

Aren't you tired of the constant fuss and mess, when developers are at a loss and talk of corrections made by programmers, the programmers blame hosting, and the hosters point to the developers? And the website meanwhile is half unusable, and the money paid is lost.
Well, you won't find any of that in our company! Here, you'll find it all: Hosting, CMS support, a qualified progrmming team that's prepared to handle any tasks with high quality and within the shortest time possible.
When you order a Bitrix based website, you get much more than a CMS; you'll also have a strong support from Bitrix developers.
The robust support of our datacenter is there to promptly set up a server for your website.
The smart programming team can help with solving any tasks, even the most non-standard ones.

VPS and Hosting

Our websites are readymade for integration with Bitrix, it's preinstalled. All you have to do is lease the servers.

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Programming Team

Our programmers have an extensive experience with Bitrix and can realize any fantasy, even the most morbid one.

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Bitrix 1С

Bitrix is a robust CMS developed by a huge team of developers, with a strong support.

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Main features

Websites building, turnkey and from scratch. Layout design, templates, integration.
Hosting on servers, domain registration and promotion of readymade products.

Image layer

E-mail marketing


Analysis of the marketing campaign


The new media center


Web design and development


SEO infographics


Logos design

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A programmer

In the long run we've gained a great experience in websites development of any complexity, which allows us to fulfill the needs of any customer.


Development of company catalogues

The specific trait of our company is the development of catalogues for organizations based on the script I-soft Bizness.

  • picture An undeniable work experience in developing plugins, modules and templates based on a catalogue.
  • picture A ready engine and a large amount of commercial addons will save you time and money.
  • picture You can get acquainted with our work and see our reputation in the market:

Our work on design, layout design and layout integration

We have no reason to take money from you for the services you can do on your own.
It remains undeniable that in order to make your website unique you should have an individual design. - a data storage service

We can truly take pride in this product that was devloped by us from start to finish, which makes it remarkable.

This service combines functions similar to Yandex.Disk, but with the possibility of storing and transferring encrypted data, with a secret cryptochat that allows to have an encrypted correspondence and encrypted data transfer.



One shouldn't be a genius to understand that the primary factor in search engine optimization is a link to it on other resources as well as the unique content of the website. That's exactly how the search engines index the website.

  •  Manual placement of information
  •  Unique texts by good content managers
  •  Accurate and correct selection of donors
  •  A large database of topic relevant and rich resources.

Virtual servers for websites.

The main advantage f our organization is the availability of our own servers for your websites.
We offer both fixed prices for small projects and KVM based prices for large and growing projects.
You'll especially like our prices for preinstalled Bitrix CMS specifically selected for this engine, and prices for Bitrix Plus for large Bitrix based systems.


  • Isolated environment
  • Guarantee of resources
  • Any OS


HDD + SSD cache
  • Cheaper than other drives
  • More storage space



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Work based on Bitrix

We are ready to perform any work related to Bitrix, starting with an online shop development and finishing with minor functional improvements.
The definitive advantage of this CMS makes it a leading instrument in the hands of any company and organization.

Create a website starting with 23$!

CMS Bitrix consists of a line of 2 main products: 1С-Bitrix and Bitrix24 CRM.
1C-Bitrix is a large cross functional engine that allows to create multipurpose websites, starting with a business card website and up to a full scale e-commerce website.
Bitrix24 is a fully-featured CRM that was developed for business organization and primarily for management and logistics. It also allows to create websites, although they don't have as many features as 1С-Bitrix websites have, but at a very affordable price of 23$ per month. And they don't require purchasing hosting.
Among other things, the two Bitrix product lines can connect, which, for example, allows to organize clients attraction via Bitrix24 and to make sales through 1C-Bitrix in the online shop.
When you pay for a Bitrix server and a license for this CMS, we are set to provide the basic work at no charge at all, including installation and setup of the system, placement of a ready template, creation of the necessary structure as well as minor corrections for the website, such as logo replacement, creating a menu that fits your desires, placement of contact details, and many other services.
All you have to do is fill the website with content and enjoy the result.

You can make yourself acquainted with pricing for 1С-Bitrix and Bitrix24 licences, including free cloud solutions, through the following links:

1С-Bitrix Bitrix24

Pay only for that which is worth the price.
Everything else has already been prepared for you by Bitrix!

Websites we developed

Our main advantage is creation of any website and inedependence from the existing website creation and management systems.
Our programmers, layout designers and website designers are ready to bring to life any of your fantasies.

Our pricing

We are ready to carry out both alone standing pieces of work, starting with development and layout design and finishing with minor improvements to the existing websites, and large turnkey projects.

Turnkey website

from 600$ for a project

  • Websites from scratch
  • Websites based on СMS
  • Bitrix websites

Design and layout

from 100$ for a project

  • Layout design
  • Design development
  • Layout integration for the website

Hourly work

from 50$ per day

  • Functional improvement
  • Minor design corrections
  • Integration of modules and plugins

*We have already 25078 clients, we aspire to offer the best marketing solutions for your business.