Referal Program

Let's make money together!

Dear friends, we need your immediate help!

We've decided to make a unified system for websites combining hosting, the largest website engine (Bitrix) and our programming team all in one place. Now we are really lacking clients and would like to share our profits with you as you order any of our services, starting with hosting registration and ending with ordering a website or a Bitrix license.

We pay 10% to anyone who brings a new client to us.

The procedure is as simple as ever. You only need to register as a client on this page and get a referal link. Following this, the client who clicks on it will go to our website and in case of a completed order you will receive 10% from any service they've ordered. And it's completely irrelevant when that order is made, even if days or months go by, the link will be saved in their browser cookies until they clean up browser history (which usually doesn't happen).

We are completely transparent and open. Every message of a referal sent to our support will be visible at your user account at the following address:, the data to access your user account will be available to you after registration. Among other things, the address you specified when you received the link will receive notifications about each request made by your referal. Therefore, you will always be aware of the relevant events. You can also contact any referal yourself at any time using their contact information, which will also be provided to you at your user account of the client of the referal program.

At that, it doesn’t matter what service the customer orders, be it a CMS Bitrix license, website development or improvement. There is but one thing to be noted, in order to get profit for the sale of hosting and domain services you need to register in our Hosting Billing Panel at the address: After registration, go to the section Customers-> Referal program, where another link will be available to you, but this one is specifically to receive profit from domain sales and hosting.

You can try yourself as a webmaster by offering your customers these services at your own rate. It is not so difficult. It's suffice to purchase a server and install Birix CMS on it. Managing sites through Bitrix is ​​easy and simple. There are a lot of tutorials on the Internet, also available as videos. And Bitrix CMS has an excellent technical support team that will help you on any matter. Among other things, our team of system administrators and programmers is always ready to help you with realization of any decision.

Register on this page and success won't let you wait!

Let's enter the future together!