1C-Bitrix from business card website to e-commerce

A complete turnkey website, design, hosting.
We'll do it all for you!

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Create a FREE website with Bitrix!

When you purchase a server with Bitrix and a license for this CMS, we can do the basic work free of charge, including installing and setting up the system as well as introducing minor adjustments and corrections for the website, such as logo replacement, creation of a custom menu to your specifications, placing the contact details, and much more.
All that remains for you to do is fill your website with content and enjoy the results.

Editions of the product

Software 1С-Bitrix: Website Management is available in 4 editions that offer different features: from CMS to building Internet portals for e-commerce.

  • A special solution
    for small and middle size companies

    Open your own online shop with minimal expenses. Place any number of items in the catalogue, manage discount and delivery.Integrate your shop with 1С and Yandex.Market.
  • Basic online shop:
  • +18 modules for the basic functions
  • 32 modules


  • A universal solution
    for effective business development

    More than a web shop. Increase the functionality of your website: manage sales of products and services, automate handling of orders, integrate the shop with 1С, support partner networks, assess the expenses on the advertising.
  • Extended online shop:
  • Full CMS functionality:
  • 50 modules


  • Create interactive websites:

    communicate with the visitors in forums and blogs, make polls, create communities, photo galleries, send newsletters to the subscribers.
  • +8 modules to the basic functionality
  • 22 modules


  • Manage the content of your website in a professional way:

    create pages and sections, publish news, articles, catalogues, manage website access rights.

  • Basic CMS functionality
  • 14 modules

Compare the editions

The editions of the product differ in the number of modules, features, online shop bundle and the ease of project administration. You can upgrade the edition you are using at any time and receive additional features.